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Stand up surfing has really taken off in the past year as surfers of all ages have realized that a paddle increases the amount of waves you can catch, and the more waves you catch, well... With SUS, even some of the big wave surfers are able to catch waves they would not normally be able to swim into without a paddle. The Chinook SUS blades are designed to allow the stand up surfer to grab as much water as possible on every stroke. Based on the competition proven Gale and Bora blade shapes, from 8.5" (102" surface area) to 9.25" (109") widths, these adjustable shaft Stand Up Surf paddles can be detached halfway for easy transport, and can be cut to size anywhere from 72" to 90" depending on rider preference. They are light, at 800 to 1000g, and stiff, and strong enough to support the heaviest rider in the biggest surf, while providing exceptional feel and maneuverability. Try it to believe it, and check our testimonials from professional SUS riders currently using the SUS Gale in competition